“Unplugged” Vacation


Gadgets like smart phones, tablets and laptops help keep us up to date with what’s happening. And for many families, summer vacation is a way of disconnecting from the world, just for a little bit, and reconnecting with who and what matters most. But when you take your gadgets on vacation with you, being so connected virtually can get in the way of really connecting with your loved ones.

Tips for a Vacation Light on Technology

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

So what can we do to prevent our the tech toys from taking away from what really matters?

An easy way to ensure a tech and distraction free vacation is to leave your devices at home. The decision to leave a laptop or tablet at home is probably an easy one but the idea of leaving a smart phone at home can be a deal breaker for most. So if the idea of going on vacation without your smartphone and other gadgets is unthinkable, but want to keep your technology use to a minimum while on vacation, here are a few helpful tips:

IDENTIFY YOUR ESSENTIALS - When packing for vacation, ask yourself: do you really need this? Consider what you want to do on vacation and what you really need to accomplish it. For the average family vacationer, a smart phone may be everything you need right in your pocket.

There have been many times that I packed my laptop, thinking it would come in handy to stay in touch while I was away. With the focus being on family time together, I ended up not using it at all! Talk about a waste of effort, plus tons of hassle while lugging it around the airport.

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If you are lucky enough to own one, a tablet like iPad or an Android tablet like the ASUS Transformer Prime, are great choices for vacation computing. Tablets are far easier to carry and while they can perform a lot of the same functions that a full sized laptop can, they are usually less suited for tasks like composing long emails. This makes a tablet a convenient choice for staying in touch but still less tempting to take you away from your vacation.

“VACATION MODE” - Identify your biggest time sinks and limit your access to them.  Chances are that your most-used applications are right on your device’s home screen. For me games, Facebook, and, of course, my email are my biggest temptations that I mindlessly check throughout the day. Email is a huge draw because I can get sucked in to answering emails all day and totally forget that I’m supposed to be relaxing!