Destination Family Reunion


David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

What a better way to gather loved ones than a family reunion? Planning such a large endeavor can be daunting, especially if you want to step a reunion up a notch and plan to meet at an exciting destination. Here are some suggestions and guidelines to help make the event successful!

Start Planning Early

Planning a family reunion can be complicated, especially a large reunion involving lots of people. Experienced reunion planners recommend that families begin a year in advance or more.

Select a date and stick with it

Picking a date that works for everyone can be one of the most difficult but one of the most important steps in planning a family reunion.

  1. Avoid obvious busy times of the year. Try not to schedule your family reunion on major holidays, or during prom and graduation season.

  2. Ask for suggestions and select a date that will for for everyone.

  3. Communicate the plans far enough in advance that attendees will be able to avoid conflicting events.

  4. Avoid changing the date. Once you announce the date to family members, they will immediately begin planning other activities around it. Changing the date mid-stream, even once, will affect everyone and some guests may be forced to cancel.

Whether your family is large or small, consider getting help from the start by calling in the experts!

Travel professionals can take care of details ranging from recommending appropriate destinations to arranging for airline tickets, and making hotel or car rental reservations. They are well aquatinted with cruise ships and resort that specialize in family travel, can help families with last minute itinerary changes and canceled flights, as well as arranging for family members with special needs. For large groups, a travel professional may have access to pre-negotiated airfare and hotel rates otherwise unavailable. And, a travel advisor can serve as a friendly and patient third party to help prod those family members who may not be quick to decide on travel plans.

  1. Allow time for your guests to plan for the trip. Give them enough advanced notice to adjust their own schedules in order to attend. If you are planning a reunion that involved traveling long distances, or an adventure like a cruise or a trip out of the country, many family members need time to save money and make special arrangements for leave from work.

  2. Be prepared for guests who require special consideration. Everyone has different needs and it is important to the success of your event to be aware of those needs and have adequate time to plan accordingly. Disabled guests may need special equipment or accommodations. Others may need to arrange for pet care. Whatever the circumstances, leave yourself enough time to ensure suitable arrangements can be made to accommodate everyone.

Communicate early and often

By communicating your plans to organize a family reunion early, your guests will have adequate time to plan to attend, and you can generate interest in catching up with family and creating new family memories at the reunion. Distribute a newsletter, use email, or create a Family Reunion website or social media site to keep guests interested and involved. Solicit ideas from guests by allowing family members the opportunity to submit ideas for planning activities, venues and menu options.

Plan activities for everyone

Family reunions are unique in that they can involve people from all over the world, each with different interests. Your guests may span up to four generations and it is important to consider ages and physical limitations when planning activities. Grandparents may not want to participate in activities like scuba diving or water skiing. Likewise, children may not enjoy ballroom dancing or a mahjong tournament.

  1. Consider holding the family reunion on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort. Each offers entertainment options for every generation and can take much of the stress out of planning activities around varying interests.

  2. Ask your guests. Since they will likely have different interests, you will be better able to plan activities if you know what they enjoy doing.

  3. Choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate activities for everyone and offer a variety of things to do.

Be sure to enjoy your own party

The best reward for organizing a large get-together is being able to enjoy the day when it arrives. One way to ensure you have time to enjoy the reunion is to recruit willing family members to take care of last minute details. You will be surprised how much help is available if you just ask!