Importance of Travel Insurance


Consider how you would cope with these travel snafus:

  1. You’ve waited years for the big vacation, but you get summoned for jury duty and have to cancel your trip at the last minute.

  2. A blizzard results in your flight being canceled and you miss a cruise departure.

  3. You break your leg and need immediate medical attention while on your fantasy getaway.

  1. Benefits and popular features of travel insurance include (depending on the policy):

  2. Protection of non-refundable trip deposits and payments should a cruise or tour be canceled or interrupted for any reason covered by the policy

  3. Missed connection insurance

  4. Travel delay insurance

  5. Emergency medical expense coverage.

  6. Emergency medical transportation benefits

  7. Baggage insurance

  8. Travel accident insurance

  9. A pre-existing condition waiver (relating to a medical condition) which covers both the traveler(s) and immediate family members. The waiver applies to those passengers purchasing travel insurance within seven days of making the initial trip deposit.

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Consider Travel Insurance to Guard Against Unforeseen Circumstances

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays of Shelby

Situations like these happen every day, and each could have a significant financial impact on travelers. That’s why Cruise Holidays recommends all travelers consider travel insurance to protect their vacation investment.

When considering all the details of a vacation, many frequently forget to protect the big-ticket items. For example – they wouldn’t know how to recover a non-refundable deposit from an airline or cruise line should an emergency occur. A well-planned trip today simply must include travel protection insurance for those unexpected situations. Trip insurance costs relatively little, and having it gives you peace of mind that you’ll be okay no matter what obstacles may occur during your vacation.

Travel Happy Knowing You’re Covered!