Recipes From Around The World


One of the things people talk about after a wonderful vacation is the food they have experienced on a cruise ship or at their destination. After returning home, you may miss the appetizing cuisine that was expertly prepared for your enjoyment. Cruise Holidays has created this section of our blog to share recipes from around the world so you can recreate that experience in your home.

Also, use these recipes to introduce your family and friends to other cultures and exciting flavors by using ingredients from the international aisle in most super markets, spice shops, or specialty markets. We have chosen recipes that are simple to prepare and versatile.


German Bratwurst
Nuremburg, GermanyGerman_Bratwurst.html
Holland America’s
Bread PuddingBread_Pudding.html
Windstar Cruise’s
Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry_Shortcake.html
Carnival Cruise’s
Chocolate Melting CakeChocolate_Melting_Cake.html
Viking River Cruise’s
Wiener Schnitzel with Parsley Butter PotatoesWiener_Schnitzel.html
Pork Roast
Czech RepublicPork_Roast.html
6 Flight Friendly Recipes6_Flight_Friendly_Recipes.html
Viking River Cruise’s
Almond CakeAlmond_Cake.html
Butternut Squash Soup
Stewed Chicken with Red Beans
Pogácsa - Hungarian Biscuits
Viking River Cruise’s
Flourless Chocolate CakeFlourless_Chocolate_Cake.html
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce