River Cruising


“A New Way To See The Old World”

Large cruise ships on the open ocean often port far from city center, areas of high interest and or the interior waterways of Europe, making it difficult to see Europe's inland jewels, like Paris or Cologne. Land tours, which take guests anywhere in the interior of Europe, forces guests to spend much of their time traveling in a motor coach and stay in a different hotel every night, creating a hectic and tiring travel experience. River cruising offers the most convenient and comfortable living and traveling accommodations so you get the most out of every city you visit.

River Cruising, The Value of ONE

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

With River Cruise travel, the value of ONE becomes apparent:

  1. BulletONE professional Cruise Manager per river cruise 

  2. BulletONE time to pack and unpack as river cruise serves as both hotel, transportation, restaurant and  entertainment center

  3. BulletONE dress code- resort casual (leave behind your tux, suit and tie and evening gown and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere onboard)

  4. BulletONE staff member for every three guests with 120 guests onboard minimum

  5. BulletONE up-front price with virtually everything included. No hidden costs

  6. BulletONE hour is often the maximum time required for motor coach transfers to excursions, airport or hotel as river cruise ports at city center

  7. BulletONE smooth travel experience on calm rivers compared to potential rough seas on Ocean Cruises

  8. BulletONE world class river view from your stateroom

  9. BulletONE source for discounted airfare, hotel and travel insurance package

Come and discover why River Cruising is the fastest growing segment of the cruise industry.

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River Cruising is ideal for groups or individual travelers with their culturally rich itineraries, intimate accommodations onboard and all inclusive packages including airfare, hotel and shore excursions. We can help select the best river cruise itinerary to meet your needs.