The 5 Myths of Cruising


Since the start of modern cruising in the 1960s, there have been several myths concerning taking a cruise vacation. At one time, some of the myths did have some basis in fact. But like modern automobiles, cruising today is nothing like the days of the big fins and “your father’s Oldsmobile.” The following are five of the great myths and the reality:

The 5 Big Myths of Cruising

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

Myth #1: A cruise is for old people and newlyweds

Certainly if you go on a 90-day round the world cruise, most of the passengers will be seniors, and if you go on a three-day Bahamas cruise, it’s likely there will be a number of young newlyweds and singles onboard. However, most

Myth #2: I will be both bored and confined on a cruise

Every night, a program usually listing more than fifty things to do the next day will be delivered to your stateroom. Everything from meal times, to exercise classes, to art auctions, to blackjack tournaments, to bridge matches, to in-room movies, to stage shows, to late night entertainment, to pool games, to shore excursions will be included. It is literally impossible to do everything the ship offers in it’s daily programs. But the nice thing is, you don’t have to do anything at all if laying unbothered by the pool and sleeping is your greatest vacation goal.

cruisers today, especially the most popular seven-day cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico or even Alaska, will have a wide range of passengers of nearly all age groups. The major cruise lines have spent considerable sums to build children’s programs and spas, internet cafes, sports and wine bars, and other features to appeal to many different age and interest groups.

Special feature cruises abound for fans of rock and roll, quilting, doll collecting, ham radio enthusiasts, and just about any interest anyone might have. In short, cruising is for nearly everybody and still represents the best value and highest rated vacation experience. Only about 10% of the population has cruised, and the cruise industry has gone to great lengths to help attract the other 90% by making a cruise vacation the best getaway choice for everybody.

Modern cruise ships have been built on the maximum seagoing resort basis. That is to say, the restaurants, piano and sports bars, show lounges, gymnasiums, pools, spas, casinos, children’s centers, internet cafes, coffee bars, jogging and walking tracks, libraries and card rooms have all been designed to offer unlimited choices for the passengers. There is literally something going on from early morning to the next early morning. Also, the lost art of conversation has been re-discovered onboard cruise ships as there is no better vacation for meeting different people. With just a little effort, it’s possible to meet folks from across the world, or even on occasion, from across the street. Many lifelong friends first met while cruising and today, conversation remains as one of the greatest benefits of taking a cruise vacation.

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