Time! Value! Research!

  1. BulletDo you have time to spare in your demanding day?

  2. BulletDo you know where you want to go?  Are you sure?

  3. BulletAre you sure you know the resort where you want to stay?

  4. BulletDo you know whether it was recently renovated?

  5. BulletDo you know if it’s ever been renovated???

  6. BulletIs my accommodation full ocean view?

  7. BulletDo you know all your options for getting the most out of your vacation dollars?

  8. BulletAre you certain you will receive the help you need if you have to suddenly cancel you trip?

  9. BulletDo you have someone in the background that, at a moment’s notice, can guide you out of any difficulty that could occur?

  10. BulletHave you dotted every “i” before you leave on vacation?

  11. BulletAre you sure you paid the lowest price available for your vacation?

Time! Value! Research!

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

These questions embody the three words that make up the title. Even during hard economic times, you still need to relax by getting away from it all. With technology so prominent today, the go-to resource that enters your mind is the Internet. It’s the bee-all, end-all. Or is it? It’s a wonderful tool for researching everything, but do you know where to begin? Is it going to take an inordinate amount of time and are you going to gain the best value for the time spent and get the experience you are looking for?

Researches takes time and yes, travel specialists use the Internet, but their occupation demands it. The knowledge gained from research is invaluable,

provided it is used wisely. The unfortunate occurrence is when an individual begins searching for answers without truly knowing if the value they are getting is worth the time they’ve spent. Looking for travel options, is a good example of something that takes a great deal of time, immense amounts of research, and that could possibly end up costing more than its worth!

In recent years, travel agents have gone out of the focus of the general public but they’re not gone! Today specialists are more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more service-oriented than ever before. They are not only your best source of product knowledge, but they will provide you with a much more rewarding, value-based vacation.

Travel professionals know where trouble lurks. They know when a destination is not safe. Their ongoing quest for information regarding your itinerary makes certain there are no unexpected bumps in the road.

Obviously you wouldn’t trust a life-threatening surgery to unskilled hands, nor would you trust your money to the uninformed financial planner. Then why would you place your hard-earned money with an online website?

Travel planners are trained to do research. They are trained to first get to know the customer so they can then direct their research to the customer’s needs and interests and then present the customer with conscientious and

useful travel options. This means that they are not going to try and sell you something that is inappropriate for you based on the experience you are looking for.

So back to the list of questions – if you answered “NO” to even some of the questions, you should be working with a travel specialist. And by the way, we have the best in the business at Cruise Holidays. Contact us today, you won’t regret it!