Value of Cruising


Travelers can take heart in knowing that the current economy continues to create some of the best values in many years when it comes to travel. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cruise industry, citing cruise industry data showing 96% percent of all those who’ve taken a cruise say it provides moderate to very high value. Let me also providing several reasons why travel opportunities are plentiful, even as many travelers have become quite cost-conscious.

  1. Take advantage of the current economic situation

  2. Several reasons why travelers can feel more at ease in planning a vacation, even if on a budget.

  3. First, travel is actually more affordable now. The U.S. dollar has made a strong comeback against major international currencies, including the Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. Plus, some cruise lines are now rolling back pricing, and even the hotel you stay in the night before your cruise may be offering better pricing. Cruise lines are doing everything they can to reward customers, such as extending deposit deadlines or being flexible on final payment dates; reducing the cost of deposits; offering early booking discounts; and offering more perks to travelers, such as free upgrades, free spa treatments, other amenities or onboard ship credits.

Navigating the Economy of Great Value

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays of Shelby

When you break down the costs per day – which include premium to luxury accommodations, fine dining, plentiful entertainment and an opportunity to see numerous destinations all in one vacation, it’s difficult to top the value. Then, when you consider some of the amazing, far flung features being offered on today’s cruise ships, such as wine tasting, glass blowing, surfing, ice skating, mini-golfing, and even lawn bowling on real green grass, the value proposition skyrockets.

I would also like to point out that a Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) study recently compared the value of cruising as seen by consumers who have cruised versus those who have never taken a cruise vacation. Twenty-three percent of those who have cruised say cruising provides “very high” value. That contrasts dramatically with those who have never cruised with only 11% seeing cruising as providing a high value. In other words, once consumers have experienced a cruise, they’re hooked on the tremendous value that style of vacation provides.

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