World’s 15 Most Unique Beaches


NOT your ordinary beach!

David Rentsch

President, Cruise Holidays

It seems that when we think about the beach, we usually think about  white sand and crystal clear water. But not every beach is like that. Some beaches do not have a white sand, but a sand in some other more intense color. Also, there are beaches where instead of sand you can step over millions of small shells, rocks or even glass. And all of these, plus some other beaches, made a spot in my list of  the World’s Most Unique Beaches.


Where: Hawaii

Imagine a tropical beach where turquoise water laps up on the shore lined with coconut trees and palm fronds. Now imagine that beach with jet-black sand. That's Punaluu Beach on the southeastern Kau coast in Hawaii. The coastline of this unusual beach is full of rocky outcroppings and reefs. Riptides can be dangerous, so the best way to enjoy Punaluu is by picnicking on the sand. Large groups of sea turtles are common, but don't touch; federal and state laws protect them.


Where: Hawaii

Green sand and rocky cliffs make Papakolea Beach seem a bit like an alien landscape. Olivine crystals from the nearby volcanic cone give this beach its olive hue. Intrepid travelers should be prepared for a two-mile hike along rugged sea cliffs to reach this surreal beach on Mahana Bay. Be careful in the water—the surf is rough and full of strong currents.

As you will find out from the pictures, nature offers us pink, red, green, purple and even black sand beaches. Take notice of where these unusual places are located. And if you haven’t had the chance to visit them, why not make plans to do so. You will definitely not regret it!


Where: Harbour Island, Bahamas

If black and green beaches aren't for you, then perhaps you'd prefer to lounge on Harbour Island's Pink Sands Beach. One of the island's prettiest beaches features three miles of powdery pink sand. Fancy resorts line this beach, which attracts wealthy vacationers with its calm waters and gorgeous surroundings.

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Where: Schooner Gulch, CA

The sight of the huge, round boulders on the Mendocino Coast might make you wonder if giants really exist. A rare sight, these boulders are surprisingly smooth and lined up like bowling balls. That's not the only odd thing about this beach—legend has it Schooner Gulch got its name after a washed-up schooner was spotted in the gulch one night, but there was no sign of it in the morning.